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Arrived broken

First, let me start with my frustration of ZERO customer service. No phone number, no email address, NO support.

It arrived damaged. Additionally the instructions are garbage.

The glowing reviews of costumer service and support are fabricated. Their website Need Help? Has a listed number 000-000-0000
And their email - [****]
See picture below.

Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your money. This is a hard pass!

Commercial Deluxe 10x10 Custom Canopy
Jill Tidwell (Santa Clara, US)
Outstanding quality

Thank you ABC canopy for your superior customer service! You helped me with great e mail communication! This is rhe 2nd canopy that I have purchased from you, and the quality is so outstanding! Easy to put up and so strong! Perfect for the outdoor fairs That I do. Thank you again! Jill

Commercial Deluxe 10x10 Custom Canopy
M Patricia (Fremont, US)
Great purchase!!!

I really like my new custom Jellyfish Daydreams canopy that I designed. The first show I used it at, it got so much attention and drew the crowd right in! Very well made, heavy duty and well printed! It was the right decision to order this canopy, I foresee it lasting quite some time!

Premium Series Pro-40 Canopy
M Patricia (Los Angeles, US)
Good quality tent

This tent is easy to put up and take down. The important thing to know about this tent, is the middle pole. Crank it down, for easy assembly. Make sure to crank it down before releasing all the legs and it will fold up beautifully. I highly recommend this tent.

Budget friendly

Budget friendly gazebo replacement!It's very durable.Thank you so much!

Commercial Canopy (Packages)-White Frame
Michael McMillan (Mobile, US)
Lasted 4 years on gulf coast craft faire circuit

My wife and I have done 5-15 craft fairs a year for the last 4 years, LoveByJM. Often they are 3 day events. This canopy has ben ultra robust. Half of our venues are line of sight to the Gulf of Mexico, and half of those have had storms, often with us in the tent. During one pop up storm in Mississippi, we tethered the tent center to our chairs(plus 50 lbs at each corner). With us suspended from the tent, it went up in the air 3 feet, before coming back down. And I am 6 foot 6 and 300lbs. So, it is strong. At the shrimp festival 1/4 of the tents were demolished overnight, but. One of the abc canopy tents with proper weights. In that storm we set 4 2ft screw anchors in grass and 400lbs to the center support. In other storms for overnight, we sometimes drop the tent to half height which is about 18 inches above the tables. Last time we did that, the main tent (40ft by 80 ft) disappeared with it’s forklift delivered 2ft cube weights every 10ft.I tied the abc canopy to a southern live oak about 5ft diameter at chest height, and a concrete anchored park bench. Everything of ours was undamaged in the morning. Half the vendors needed to leave.

Good luck.

Commercial 10x10 Canopy
judy kuhl (Elsberry, US)

I have a 10 x 10 navy blue canopy and I really like it very sturdy I have three side walls and I really would like the front or door wall to complete the set I do art shows and sometimes are overnight

Have loved this Gazebo!

I have been very pleased with how well my gazebo has held up with all the wind and snow we've had this year! Easy to assemble, do need 2 to put the top on though.

Excellent Gazebo

Had a hard time finding a 10x20 gazebo, but eventually got this one from ABC Canopy.
Quality of the build is excellent and was easy to put together with 2 people.
We have had many hours of enjoyment using this gazebo and numerous compliments.
Just hope that I can get a replacement roof for it now to continue enjoying it.
Highly recommend.

Customize (Pre Built)
RUBEN Rios Jr (Pearland, US)
Fantastic Canopy

Purchased the 10x15 custom canopy and it’s awesome. Their customer support was very helpful the whole time with setting up the logos. Our soccer club has now asked to purchase another one.

Thank you,
Ruben Rios

13x13 Canopy Tent Outdoor Sun Shade
Pat Riddle (Charleston, US)
Main plastic support piece does not last.

Good Day,

Love the canopy however, after only 6 months the center, main support that is made of plastic broke and I have been unable to find replacement part or even the name of the company. I searched the internet to find the company. It would seem that the main support would be made of metal just as the center pole is made of metal. The tent is used one day per week for a Farmer's Market Station. On the plastic center piece that you push up to fully open, there are 2 small plastic bead like pieces that pop into the pole to connect and bears the weight of the tent. Once one or both of the little bead like pieces either wear down, or in my case, broke off the center could never hold the weight of the tent. I am having to jury rig the center so I can use the canopy. What solution do you have for this problem? No where on the tent, canvas container or box was your company name or number of Customer Support to help me.

Commercial Deluxe Frame
Do you have 12x12 (Palmdale, US)

Do have 12x12

Deluxe Canopy Parts
Laura Gaillard (South Jordan, US)
Wrong Phone Number

I’m trying to order a part and the number on the website is for EZ Up canopies!!! How/why do you have a different company’s number listed?
Guess I’ll order my next canopy from EZ Up.

Commercial 10x10 Canopy (Package)
Karen Bottorf (Mifflinburg, US)
Love this tent

I bought this 2 years ago. I always wait until I have an item for a while before posting a review. This has held up wonderfully. I habg grids from thebsides and then habg wood signs from them. They hold a lot of weight with no issues at all. When I'm at a show and everyone else's tent blows over, mind stays intact and strong. You won't be sorry.

Extra Delivery Fee
Theressa Hill (Camrose, CA)
Replacement Parts

A couple of the reinforcements came off and because of this one of the bars broke. I emailed ABC Canopy and they sent me the replacement parts as well as a few extras within 3 weeks of my email. Thank you ABC Canopy!

Commercial 10x10 Canopy
Marcus Rabideau (Lapeer, US)
Just got one

I have not used it yet but I am happy with the quality of it looks very sturdy and well worth the money.

Commercial 10x10 Canopy (Package)
Amy Altum (Blountsville, US)
Love my canopy

I ordered the awning package but after some time I still haven't received a tracking number. I messaged the company, and immediately got a response back. I was told the one I ordered in my color was sold out. Then we emailed back and forth and came up with a solution for a different package with the same color I wanted. The guy I spoke with was incredibly patient with me, very fast at responding, and even put in for rush shipping which was beyond awesome! I love my canopy and I'm so very glad I chose this company to purchase from. Thank you!!!😊🤍

Commercial 10x10 Canopy (Package)
Customer (Calgary, CA)
Skeptic reformed

I’m usually pretty skeptical when it comes to purchases such as these. I’m in Canada, I thought for sure I would be dinged for some border-crossing duties- but no, they have a shipping location in my province. Once shipped, it arrived in 2 days.
My original order wasn’t available, but customer service was exceptional. Prompt and very helpful. Super impressed. Glad I ordered directly from ABC Canopy, rather than through Amazon. Great deal.

13x13 Canopy Tent Outdoor Sun Shade
Nohealani Mawae (Honolulu, US)
Great purchase!

I purchased a canopy from Amazon in February and it is awesome! It's design is perfect for any weather condition that may arise. It's also very strong and sturdy. My family uses it almost every day and I live in Hawaii where it's windy a lot and it's still going strong.

I need replacements parts! Have been sending emails & no responds! PLEASE HELP !!!!!!

Commercial 10x15/10x20 Canopy(Package)
Nathan Schmitt (Gresham, US)
NOT 100% Waterproof

We bought two 10x20 canopies and they are NOT (repeat, NOT) waterproof. We were camping and left stuff under the canopy thinking it would keep it dry (brand new, first time used). When we got back to camp, the canopy was soaked inside and out and water was leaking everywhere. I posted pics of the canopy I took when we got home. You can see holes everywhere and I sprayed it with a hose for a few seconds and it leaked immediately. The bottom line is they are great for shade, but not waterproof. When I contacted the company, this was the last reply after sending pics.
"You had better contact with us in the first moment when it was leaked, now your top is out of warranty, our manufacturer might be irresponsible for that.
We have reported your issue to our manager, he agrees to send you a new top, and it is out of stock, needs to be shipped from our oversea manufacturer, would you please pay the shipping fee about $80 if possible? recently the freight is increased a lot."
They never did send me a new top...looks like a scam.

Commercial 10x10 Canopy (Package)
Reba Jones (Stockton, US)
Very Happy

I loved the sky blue color. It was easy to put up and lots of different walls to choose from. Only thing mesh wall had a hole in it. I’m trying to replace it, but can’t find it. Not sold separately!!!! Frustrating.....

Deluxe Canopy Parts
Peter Lawless (Tarvin, GB)
Can't get a response about a replacement Part J

How do I get a spare part? I am in the UK and I need Part J constantly showing as sold out on the web site and there is no telephone number available to contact you. I have sent three messages via contact and not even had the courtesy of a response, so disappointed.

Great all-around Gazebo - assembly hints

I gave this 5 stars but I am rounding up from 4.7.  It loses a few tenths for the quality of the mosquito netting and its hangers.  I have seen better on lesser gazebos with heavier duty zippers and integrated velcro hangers.  Apart from that minor point, it's all great.  Construction is surprisingly robust and well thought-out, much sturdier overall than gazebos I have had in the past.  As for assembly...  I assembled the 10x13 gazebo on my own.  The instructions recommend 4 people to erect the canopy but I had no such luxury.  It can be done by one person, but it's going to take time (4 hours for me) and you'll need to take some liberties with the instructions.  You will not be able to stretch the canopy over its frame, then raise it to the posts.  You'll need to save the canopy for last, erecting the entire frame first.  You'll need a good step-ladder, and I used pieces of a wire hanger to temporarily affix some suspended spans to their posts, otherwise it will be impossible to erect all of the posts and spans by yourself.  Hope this helps someone.

Awesome Canopy at any price

I purchased an 8’x8’ Canopy to smoke outside in the Eastern United States. The only time that we’ve had to take it down is if the winds are over 15 mph. I’ve used this brand for trade shows and parties and never had any issues with the setup or dismantling and repacking.
That said, after 2 years the sidewalls are starting to get a bit worn out from all the time it’s spent in year round use.
If you’re looking for a better deal with great customer service then this is the place to be.

I had to do some custom modifications to make it fit under our gutters on the back deck but nothing that interferes with the durability of the frame (my son does pull ups 165 lbs. without damaging it).