Commercial 8x16 Canopy (Clearance)-White Frame

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Rauzy (Fremont, US)
Easiest set up ever!!! Definitely a must if you do vendor shows often!!!

I purchased the white 8x16 canopy which included the steel frame, travel bag w/wheels, canopy top, 3 side walls, a door wall, 6 sandbags for the legs (sand not included) and 4 ropes w/stakes. It doesn't actually state it in the description, but there are a total of 6 wall panels and you can place the door panels wherever is most convenient for your set up. The setup instructions are not very helpful and I had to watch a video to see what I was doing wrong. Technically an experienced person might be able to set this particular canopy up by themselves, but I'd highly suggest having someone help you. The sand bags have 2 chambers that need to be filled to help weigh down the canopy. Personally I used a total of 2.5 bags of QUIKRETE 0.5-cu ft 50-lb All-purpose Sand. The only minor complaints I have are one of my doorways is missing a velcro strap and at each pole where you zip the panels together there is a small gap where water could intrude when it rains. The gaps aren't surprising given where they're located and it's easy to remedy, but thought I should mention it, so people could be prepared. Also, this might be area specific, but for some reason bees/wasps love the peaks of my canopy. It's taken a little trial and error, but some strategically placed Irish Spring soap bars seems to be solving that problem. I'm in the PNW and it's summertime (no rain), so I can't say how weatherproof the canopy is, but it's been up for a little over a month with no issues.

Pull frame from bag
Pull open frame enough that you can fit the canopy top on all all 4 corners
Continue pulling frame open until you are able to fully extend all the trusses DO NOT try to extend the legs before this step
Extend legs to desired height equally ie opposite corners, then center legs
Attach sand bags and fill (I used a wide mouthed funnel to reduce spilling)
Install stakes

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