Commercial Church canopy (Package)

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Color: White
Size: 8x8
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    Liz M. (Seattle, US)
    Need replacement but love the tent

    I researched tents for sometime as a outdoor pandemic solution when it rains. I have forwarded the information to several friends and neighbors and we all have this gem. We received our tent and have been extremely happy. The 10x10 White Church door panel came damaged and I have not been able to reach anyone to replace it.

    Karl Hirsch
    Perfect for my needs

    Had this up for a week now and it's working out perfectly. Would've appreciated ANY instructions, but none were included. Was able to watch YouTube videos to figure it out. I've had a few folks who want to do the same set-up but you're currently out of this model. I hope you get this back in stock soon.

    Robert White (Akron, US)

    I only wish there better written instructions to set up the canopy. Can you e mail me some?

    Amy Bullock
    Good value

    I will be using this at craft fairs to cover my booth space. It was a little hard to get up the first time, but now it goes up fine.

    Exactly what you want

    Perfect for covering outdoor gym equipment.

    MJ Poppyseed
    Using as a paint tent! Perfect!

    I purchased this canopy to use as a paint tent to extend the area where I can finish the furniture we build. We have a one car garage and trying to build, sand, cut wood in the same general vicinity as someone attempting to paint or stain was impossible. At first I tried a harbor freight canopy but the overspray from the paint sprayer was too much.. I got paint on everything! Then I attempted to clip tarps all around it, but when a big wind came, the clips flew off and the tarps blew into my newly painted piece. Plus there were gaps that allowed paint to get all over the driveway, the house, the grass.. What a mess!So I realized I needed a canopy with sides, but something I could take down when the winter rolls around. I saw this and another similar canopy in blue, similar prices, but this one had reviews stating it was sturdy, heavy, and showed the guy doing a pull up in the middle. Plus I could zip on the sides (it wasn't one continued piece) so after spraying I could open a wall. I also liked that our was 4 sided with a zipper opening to prevent paint from getting everywhere. So I was sold!Along with this purchase I bought an 11 ft tarp to act as the floor so I didn't get paint all over the rocks in my yard. Now know this sucker is heavy.. Probably 40-50 lbs with the rolling bag. The bag also needs to have the wheels put on - - look at the picture and you'll probably be able to figure out how it goes on but I'll take a pic of mine just in case.The bag has lots of grips so I didn't find it incredibly difficult to wield myself, getting it in from the porch to outside and unpacked. I don't know that the canopy and the walls will fit in the bag.. I got the walls in it but I just carried the bag with the canopy outside separately. When I take it down I'll attempt to shove it all in.For set up, it took awhile to do it alone... Like an hour. Now I know to keep the walls zipped together to save time. Also one person pulling the legs one at a time gets a little dicey, ...

    Great canopy.

    As expected, very pleased. Sturdy!

    Good product with reasonable price

    Tent is pretty easy to use and can be set up by one person. I usually will put it up during summer time on my backyard and put it back in winner. I just recently bought this tent and i don't seen any water leaks. Overall is good quality with an reasonable price.

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